ARP Wave Neurological Therapy addresses the neurological origin of physiological symptoms rather than the physiological symptoms themselves. Symptoms are identified by how any injury manifests itself superficially. ARP Wave Neurological Therapy treats the neurological origin of the physiological symptoms, causing those symptoms to quickly fade away.

A tear, pull, or break when injured will often be immensely painful. These injuries are physiological. Much of the time your muscles are controlled by the nervous system, told to turn either off or on for the creation or absorption of force. The injuries mentioned above causes this force to be absorbed by joints instead of being properly absorbed by your muscles. The ARP Wave system allows us to find the precise muscle or muscles that are not correctly absorbing force (the problem that led to the injury in the first place). Once these muscles have been identified, we can rapidly retain those muscles to absorb force and thus stop force from being absorbed from the injured area. This process reopens lines of communication between cells themselves and cells and the brain, thus ridding the affected area of inflammation and scar tissue.

Every muscle in your body has a specific function that it was designed to do. When muscles are used for tasked that they were not originally intended for, it is called a compensation. Compensation patterns occur when the brain starts to believe these irregular functions are normal. Injuries can often cause compensation patterns to occur that are often irreversible without intervention from an outside source.

Using the ARP Wave system, we utilize a very specific set of protocols to help your nervous system restore the body’s biomechanically correct motion. The muscles are forced, without pain, to work correctly and thus allows the brain to see that the previously used compensation patterns are no longer necessary. This process allows the body to overcome compensation patterns and thus end pain and symptoms that were being affected permanently.

After treatment, little or no pain should be experienced by the patient. Force can once again be absorbed. But remember, the reason for the injury in the first place was that you unable to handle the force that caused the trauma in the first place. The original injury has now reduced you ability to absorb force even further. It is important to continue receiving ARP Wave therapy treatments to help you regain your ability to absorb maximum force. At this phase, ten more treatments are typically recommended. Ask your doctor what is right for you.