Spa Etiquette and FAQ’s

Tipping suggestions: $10, $20, and $25 for 30, 60,90 respectively

Please arrive for your massage 10-15 minutes before your appointment so you have time to check in and relax.

Please turn off cell phones in the spa waiting room and treatment rooms.

Tipping is always appreciated but not mandatory. $5 on 30min, $10 on 60 min, and $15 on 90 min... is a good guideline. You can leave tips in the box provided in the room or at the front desk on your credit card or in an envelope we will provide for you. If you were given a gift certificate ask if the tip was included.

If you are uncomfortable with anything during your treatment-the pressure, the room temperature, or anything else please speak up. We will do our best to make the adjustment. If you don’t tell the therapist, they won’t know what you are feeling.

If you would like the therapist to go deeper or softer please let them know…it is always best for the therapist to learn what you like so we can make your future visits to our spa even better.

If you would like to talk during your treatment or stay quiet the therapist should follow your lead…if you do decide to talk please keep voices low as to not disturb other clients having treatment at the same time.

If you are unsatisfied with anything during your spa experience please let the spa manager know and we will do our best to make a change to make your experience better.

We love children and even have some of our own…However if you are receiving a massage longer than 15 minutes we request that children be left at home. This allows everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable spa experience. Children under 18 must have parental consent before receiving massage.