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Massage therapy can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, increase endorphins and decrease stress. It is good for every body from grandkids to grandparents, husbands and wives, teenagers and more…It can help with arthritic conditions, carpal tunnel, headaches, insomnia, pregnancy, stress, sports injuries, chronic fatigue and more.

Massage is no longer just for relaxation…there are many medical benefits offered by massage which is why we work closely with Castle Chiropractic. They want to be sure their patients receive the best care and they work with us to be sure our clients get the full benefit of massage and the best health care to make them feel the best they can.

Massage therapy relaxes muscles and soothes away aches and pains. It rejuvenates—restoring your bodies balance and being. We believe every body deserves to feel the best it can every day. That is why we have flexible appointment times with sensible prices and packages.

While periodic massage can be relaxing, to obtain the greatest benefit from massage the body should be exposed to multiple sessions. This is why we have created our membership plans to give you great massages at an extremely affordable price. We also offer corporate massage programs including massage programs for teacher appreciation days, charity outings, and corporate disc golf outings.